2006-2007 Garfield High School KEY Club

How to join

Still wanna join KEY Club? It's not too late! Come to our meetings in S307 (Ms. Trimble's room), during lunch on Wednesdays (and Thursday on early dismissal weeks).

Dues are $13.00. You can pay with cash or check. Checks can be made out to Karen Gunn (our advisor). You can also pay when there is not a meeting (ie. before and after school) by bringing your money to S303 and filling out one of the small info slips and giving it all the Ms. Gunn. Remember we also have SCHOLARSHIPS for those who can't pay. Anymore questions? E-Mail us!

What IS Key Club?

Contrary to what the name says, KEY does not stand for those things that you open doors with! It is Kiwanis Empowered Youth.

Find more about Kiwanis here.

"Key Club is an international, student-led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership” – Key Club

We also help GHS students with getting their 60 hrs. of volunteer service for their graduation requirements. We have it all down for you... all events are organized, your hours are taken care of. What do you need to do? Just show up to events, and pick up your paper work!


Caring - Our way of life.

That's right, we care: "At Key Club International's first convention in 1946, the organization was given the responsibility of instituting a program that would bring together all Key Club's direct members' efforts and energies into an area that would truly make an International impact. This tradition is still followed today through the development of the Theme and Major Emphasis Program (MEP)." - From Key Club International website

Core values

Caring, Character Building, Inclusiveness, Leadership.